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Think and Grow Digital: this book teaches young talents how to align with company “seniors” without giving up their ideals. The author explains how readers can help companies focus on moon shots: things really worth going for that help both the company and the world. Readers learn how to systematically create their own job roles, drive their personal growth engine, and connect effectively with people allowing them to do meaningful work with great rewards.


Tornado? Typhoon? Hurricane? Cyclone?

Someone asked this question today: “Why do they name hurricanes and not tornado’s?” I offered: “One is wet, while the other is dry?” To which the reply was : “One is wet, while the other is dry?” Which got me thinking: About … Typhoon? Hurricane? Cyclone? & Tornadoes! Looked it up and found this: So […]



Now allow me to introduce myself more. In case you were wondering, I am a business & marketing consultant, specializing in Digital Marketing, Crypto Tech + Investments & Holographic SEO. Currently looking to network & form mutually beneficial relationships. I’m also working on a new synergistic business model for people displaced by the Emerging Cognitive […]

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Questions from an Interview Today

Q1.) “I noticed that you’ve worked at Profound Ideation Inc. and Free Code Camp. How did your career path take you to this job with this company?” I believe in self-learning, self-teaching and auto-learning. Most things in life can be learnt by reading, watching, hearing, writing / doing and experience which comes with multiple failures […]