Continuous Learning in 2018

Today I explore topics I will be focusing on and sorting my many books and resources into 2 main categories: (1) “yes” – to read in 2018 &/or (2) “no” – not now; later or never.

Continuous Learning in 2018


Day 4 – New Year Quicksand

Day 4 – New Year Quicksand

Need to push the needle on the Crypto projects, I am working on. Details inside.

Some rants on the new year, putting the pieces together.

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I shall continue to update the Daily Footprints Project, but not always daily. This is a personal project and I will try my best to keep it as current as possible.

[Day #3] Daily Footprints & Other Projects

[Day #3] Daily Footprints & Other Projects

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New Year New You New Resolutions

[Podcast ] New Year, New You! … What’s your New Resolutions – Day #2

#HappyNewYear … See you in #2018! #goodbye2017 #Welcome2018 #ByeBye2017 #2018isComing #NewYear #EXCLUSIVE #NewYearResolutions #ComingSoon

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Welcome to the First Day of Jan. 2018

Welcome to the First Day of Jan. 2018

DearDanielim's Happy New Year 2018
DearDanielim’s Happy New Year 2018

What time is i? I’m posting this now while it’s still Dec. 31st, 2018, … because it’s already the New Year (2018) in other parts of the world.