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Doctrinal Separation vs Doctrinal Minimization

re: Doctrinal #Separation vs #Doctrinal #Minimization – pros and cons.

I need to dig into this topic more in the upcoming days:

Here are some nice links, to get us started:

  1. The Doctrine of Unity and Separation: https://mikeratliff.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/the-doctrine-of-unity-and-separation/
  2. The Bible Doctrine of the Separated Life by Johannes G. Vos: https://www.the-highway.com/separated_Vos.html
  3. Minimizing the Gospel through Excessive Separation: http://www.fundamentallyreformed.com/2008/01/30/minimizing-the-gospel-through-excessive-separation/

Please Share your thoughts and other links you come across as we explore this topic of Doctrinal Separation vs Doctrinal Minimization together!

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