Compound Questions and Answers to 1 Samuel 28

re: Compound Questions and Answers to 1 Samuel 28

Compound Questions… let’s break it down into 5 parts, one for each (group of) question(s)
-a- Do you think that was actually the spirit of Samuel?
-b- If so, where was Samuel (not heaven and not hell?)?
-c- Did he not go to heaven?
-d- The spirit of Samuel also prophesied that Saul would be with him, so Saul and Samuel are in the same place?
-e- I thought God had turned his back to Saul so Saul would not end up in heaven?

My response:
-a– I don’t think it was really the spirit of Samuel, since a witch cannot call the dead.
-b– Nope, it was not Samuel, but either way, seems like the location of Samuel was in question here and technically, Samuel was not in “heaven” or “hell” per se, since Old testament believers do not go directly to “heaven” as we Christians know it. Basically, the death of Christ (which & Whom) took away sin, … now allows saints to enter “heaven.” At His Ascension, Jesus brought old testament believers to where they could not go before – heaven. (SEE Matthew 27:52-53 …)
-c– Samuel should be in heaven now, but at that time, he would be in a “waiting Place” … in between Paradise & Heaven, also known as Sheol. (The Old Testament believers went to a place of comfort & rest called “paradise” when they died; the New Testament equivalent of Sheol is Hades.)
-d– First, that was certainly NOT the spirit of Samuel, and (2nd.) that prophecy did not come to pass.
-e– God did turn away from Saul, but personally, I am not convinced that the act of God turning away from someone, automatically results in hell. Short Answer: I don’t think Saul went to either paradise nor heaven.

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