Apple Apps on Non iPads

Apple Apps on Non iPads … Non-iPods, & non-iPhones, iDevices, nor iRobots.

Apple has to do something … OR nothing, but Something is better than nothing, in this case.

In Point … (I think…) Apple is going to open up their OS (operating system) so that more tablets can become “Apple” devices. This is an effort to complete with Google and their Android Tablet Market.

Apple and Google are not merging, Apple just wants more mobile devices to run their OS / software, Since Android is currently doing a good job increasing their market share daily.

Of course, this has not confirmed by Apple, just some speculations on my part.

What to YOU think?
… Do you Agree?
… Why or Why not?


iRobots Running iOs - Movies

iRobots Running iOs? – Movies

ps. iRobots DO exist: http://www.irobot.com/us (Search Results for iRobot Corporation: Robots that Make a Difference)



Thought Provoking iOS7 GIF

Thought Provoking iOS7 GIF

Though Provoking iOS7 GIF (HT: Dear Joanna)

Though Provoking iOS7 GIF (HT: Joanna)

Thought Provoking iOS7 GIF