New Keyboard

Productivity may be down 12% today due to the fact that i am switching keyboards and it will take me some time to adjust. think of it as jet-lag for my fingers.

What else can i do? expect download new muscle memory.

Now, in case you are wondering, I shall post some pictures of my previous keyboard and my new current keyboard, including some pictures of the un-boxing and some comparisons, for those of you who like to know which has a longer wire and what-nots.

typing is still alien on this keyboard so I’ll just post pictures and let them tell the tale of the two keyboards.

The Old has retired and the New has come!

Oh, and i should note that… without pointing fingers… that… upon plugging the new keyboard in a pop up on Windows asked if i wanted to update the software drivers, i found out it’s from and the program is called driver scanner (from uniblue) so beware, it is not legit. and if you see it too, notify Logitech and do NOT install Driver Scanner from Uniblue! At lease i know I will not be.