Enter God’s Will

Enter God’s Will,

Welcome God’s Will!

But Wait, … which Will is this?

know ye not that God has more than one will, as do I, FYI.

so… is this the General or the Specific Will of God here?

Yes, there are more Wills of God, but let’s try to tone it down and keep it simple here.

yes, Let’s!

What I see here is a slight move into God’s Will, but more than that… I see a desire to know what God’s Desire is and hence the interpretation of God’s Will. …

or an attempt at it, as lofty as it is and noble nonetheless.

Is God’s Will subject to God’s Desire or vice versa or …

let’s see…

double check what 2 Peter 3:9 actually says. in two different versions

NIV : The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

KJV : The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

To me, 2 Peter 3:9 has almost always been about God’s Patience, not prayer or pray-ers, in this case.

The context is most agreeably Christ’s Second Coming & Judgment. Yes, they go together.

another FYI

So where does the ask-er come up with or find “God’s Desire”?

most likely, in the Weymouth New Testament version: The Lord is not slow in fulfilling His promise, in the sense in which some men speak of slowness. But He bears patiently with you, His desire being that no one should perish but that all should come to repentance.

back to the comment about “time” … I see other hints, like… slow, slowness, patiently, and a few others, but those 2 are a good start.

This version is about time, speed, and patience. If i may be so bold… tho i am not limiting the verse to be about time alone, since it is obviously about a lot more than time, grace and judgement.

which may be what the ask-er was feeling emotionally when composing the question, or had someone in life who the ask-er really wanted to be saved.

Who knows?

Short answer, … God does, the ask-er question does and a few others do. all else are outside looking in.

oh 1 Cor 13…

moving on.

God’s desire… in that verse seems to be about … well, let’s realign and try to see if we can look and see what the ask-er was really getting at.

God’s Desire… that none should perish…

hold on to that thought because the ask-er continues with and i recap:” however even if that is God’s desire, it’s not always His will (in reality). ”

does that mean that it was His will virtually? or maybe the ask-er did not or could not find the right word(s).

who can blame the ask-er.

no stones here and no stone throwers here either, after all we are all allowed to ask these types of questions ever now and then. and hopefully learn from them.

so God’s will … and God’s Desire … is there a breakdown here?

God Who is the Constant, and never changing, … yet mismatched at the desire-will level?

I dare say… i have to say…

Maybe, I might not be able to find the right words either.

So to speak.

But let’s assume that the ask-er is on to something.

What if God’s desire is His First Will and His Second Will … in reality does not manifest or … ( materialize? — i had the word on the tip of my brain and i need to replace the spark plug. )

Maybe it overrules and …

Sorry, I gtg now… let’s continue this later.

( I’ll be back when i am fresh or refreshed — it’s good to take a break, i think we are like 32% into this )


Is Salvation A Promise

Let’s call this Q&A session … “Is Salvation A Promise?”

Every now and then, I come across a question that i feel and urge to respond to, but not necessarily to those who are asking or involved in the conversation per se.

so in response to this particular question which i feel i should paraphrase…

[Interesting Question Here:]

I’ve been thinking about a question lately,
Is it biblical to pray for someone’s salvation?
It seems obvious that we should pray for the salvation of others because God does not want anyone to perish, but to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9), however even if that is God’s desire, it’s not always his will (in reality).
I was thinking about the verse “If you abide in me, and my words in you, then ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you” (John 15:7), and I didn’t know if praying for someone’s salvation is something that God promises he will grant. So even if God desires it, it’s not something that we can claim as a promise in scripture.
Even when Paul prayed, he asked for more opportunities for the Gospel to be preached, but not necessarily for the salvation of specific people?

[Disclaimer: all names and Identities has been removes safe mine for i am responding to the question and you already know who i am and what i think and say from time to time. tho this is not about me. i am posting this on my blog for you and you need not know who asked this multitude of questions. ]

My Starting Point is this verse, Matthew 22:14, …. and this thought: “God alone knows who will be saved”

And well it obviously opens and closes a few doors.

Hopefully not the right ones and does not change the question.

Now you may ask… what does “Many are called but few are chosen” in Matthew 22:14 mean?

let’s skip that for now and explore other questions


  • is Salvation a promise?
  • are bible promises claimable?
  • is it biblical to claim promises?
  • What are Bible Promises?

but most of all, are salvations promises and to whom are they promises , for it sounds in my mind at least that the prayer, in this case… the person praying, wishes that salvation is a promise and that is it claimable.

as if it belongs to the person who is praying, which obviously, it should not be.

Since … if Salvation is a promise, it would not be a promise to the one praying unless it was that promise in Acts.

you know the one i am thinking of?

maybe not, but now you know where to look. right?

good good.

so, one down… the prayer ( the one praying, hereafter known as pray-er) ought to continue to pray, for as i mentioned, only God knows who will and will not be saved, … ultimately, and noticed i said ultimately… more about that … if you ask the right question(s).

let’s continue my rant.

back to the question… is it biblical to pray for someone’s salvation?

that’s a good question. and rather than answer it outright…. let’s explore it some more.

Is the question-er asking if the Bible commands or encourages prayer for non believers?

Both you and I know the answer to that.

So why is the question-er asking this question if it is stated in the Bible?

now i am not sure, so i think i should start with that… “Are you asking if the Bible says we should pray for someone’s Salvation?”

Or… aside, if praying for someone’s salvation would … you know …

ok step back because the next thing the question-er says is ” It seems obvious that we should pray for the salvation of others because God does not want anyone to perish …”

now the first part of it says it is obvious that we should … so obviously that is obvious, …the answer is obvious that we should … and the reason provided was … Because God does not want anyone to perish, … nto sure if the question-er is referring to John or Paul or Peter here.

Specifically … John 3:16, or 1 Timothy 2:4, or 2 Peter 3:9 … or something else, … we have to be open to the question-er thinking of and/ or knowing other verses about salvation, from the other gospels or epistles.


Excuse me.

ok back on track… the question-er continues to say … “but to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9), … ”

Silly me, the question-er did provide a chapter book and verse.

let’ s more over, and move on….

“… however even if that is God’s desire, it’s not always [H]is will (in reality).”

( END OF PART 1 … see Part 2 tomorrow )

Apple Apps on Non iPads

Apple Apps on Non iPads … Non-iPods, & non-iPhones, iDevices, nor iRobots.

Apple has to do something … OR nothing, but Something is better than nothing, in this case.

In Point … (I think…) Apple is going to open up their OS (operating system) so that more tablets can become “Apple” devices. This is an effort to complete with Google and their Android Tablet Market.

Apple and Google are not merging, Apple just wants more mobile devices to run their OS / software, Since Android is currently doing a good job increasing their market share daily.

Of course, this has not confirmed by Apple, just some speculations on my part.

What to YOU think?
… Do you Agree?
… Why or Why not?


iRobots Running iOs - Movies

iRobots Running iOs? – Movies

ps. iRobots DO exist: (Search Results for iRobot Corporation: Robots that Make a Difference)




New Keyboard

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Productivity may be down 12% today due to the fact that i am switching keyboards and it will take me some time to adjust. think of it as jet-lag for my fingers.

What else can i do? expect download new muscle memory.

Now, in case you are wondering, I shall post some pictures of my previous keyboard and my new current keyboard, including some pictures of the un-boxing and some comparisons, for those of you who like to know which has a longer wire and what-nots.

typing is still alien on this keyboard so I’ll just post pictures and let them tell the tale of the two keyboards.

The Old has retired and the New has come!

Oh, and i should note that… without pointing fingers… that… upon plugging the new keyboard in a pop up on Windows asked if i wanted to update the software drivers, i found out it’s from and the program is called driver scanner (from uniblue) so beware, it is not legit. and if you see it too, notify Logitech and do NOT install Driver Scanner from Uniblue! At lease i know I will not be.


Just got a Couple of New SSD Drives

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Just got a Couple of New SSD Drives… look at those pretty pictures!

Just got a Couple of New SSD Drives

now, now, i know that although I just got a couple of New SSD Drives, SSD technology is not new, in fact it’s old. A look around you can find out why new SSDs aren’t just super fast, but are also super cheap!

Just got a Couple of New SSD Drives

There are also rumours that pretty soon companies making SSD’s would be selling 500 GB for around $100.

Just got a Couple of New SSD Drives

inthe meantime, read up on TLC, MLC, and SLC Devices, you might learn something about Global Products & Support for NAND Flash drives and devices. TLC, MLC, and SLC Devices look pretty cool, but are often misunderstood.

Just got a Couple of New SSD Drives

Just got a Couple of New SSD Drives, hope you like these pictures, because I know I like mine!

here’s little video on 25nm Triple-Level Cell NAND


25nm TLC NAND is the densest, most cost-effective silicon storage on the planet. Watch as our director of strategic NAND marketing, Kevin Kilbuck, explains the latest breakthrough in NAND process technology and what it means to consumers.

Category: Science & Technology

Hope you enjoyed this post… did you enjoy the fact that we just got a Couple of New SSD Drives too?



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Moiety… Word of the day. A word ... in the way? (Guess i was not paying attention in Chem Class. Safe to say, other forms of Chem. was underway. Fond memories of reactions to follow.)

Looking for a picture was not easy, this was the best picture i could find:

Moiety’s the Word of the day: Moiety …an amount of new words my world had not yet known, never known, never known, yet to know and yet to be, yet still more awaiting to be more, to be an a-moiety amongst others, whilst, must like the sore difference between “will” and “shall”, an insult i have kissed recent, a frog forged forgotten. hissing disquieted contempt.

Disclaimer, … if you are still reading this, you have an option to stop now, for most of these will make no sense to you, these are my mental explosions in verbal form, captured in lyrics, prose and cons. if you do read to the end, i would love to hear what you think of it. If you give up, … you shall lack one of the portions unto which I’ve divided.

Reflections need we stand before a greedy green screen… laced with words of works in progress… we ponder Moiety. Black and White… in contrast, in contract, in contact and in contra!!

Often, a Mind Blown upon a noble bent, seldom of once betrayed, upon a wintery sorrow. we seat in grace.

Gazing again across a frozen lake. from a broken conquest, we feast on nuts, and my berries. On one hand, death, and the other breathe.

Moiety Forged

Strike true, once more, with what words, spoken falsefully. Times indeed has changed and yet the fire burns and continues to bear the true condition of a misty battle upon my brown brow, words, unending, left with words and passing silence. A simple life you palm, but even trees sway in the wind or break in too.

If I am vexed and yet not I, as deep call to deep, let’s find a beacon, much like one who makes a clicking noise by overreaching, so that even the hind shoe hits a fore shoe, forget me not, fore or hind.

Would you cry over spilled ink? or sail across a twice upon a time, upon your imagination. Nonetheless. Please use your imagination, the absence of which equally without excuses.

In heat, multiples of a forge, beating or hammering into shape moiety, we find no counterfeit affection here. of Venus and Adonis, or Tarquin and Lucrece, I am of old and too young to know. Adieu me before it’s due, and i remain your humble servant. Or call me an inhuman wretch,

A star, a soul of the age… enter west and wept softly. Shall i attempt now to be promised. Feeling i was there, with thee, tho apart, ever apart. your simile knows no distance and happily knits all who embraces your warmth.

How could they not vext me and now, i ask how may i not. otherwise, how may they not. so upon a life’s work to know of something and do i know now or perhaps sometimes in the future, now?

The question of ruin and rhyme, reasons that whilst… and again, with nothing more to gain, i give as i am for i have found much ink and lead of late to prescribe my woes, pouring and teeming via a crack which now leaks as a results of a pent up treasure of wit to be found, i consume.

Devotion meets Moiety

All i have done… and all i have, be voted, devoted, and there depress. how can i love the moon after first having seen Your Son?

Until adew, or adewe to you, adue to me, to God we entrust, in God together, a shortening of a Dieu vous comant, I too in kind wish in heart to depart and wave you on as I commend you to God. Godspeed young one. untile the old and renew the older.

Father, you alone can make all this go away. as i stay along in the ill-erected tower of the late Julius Caesar’s.

Devotional Moiety

Moiety, but but a noun, pronounced. who’s function is to office as a mere noun, inflected forms, of pluralities, purely in additions to other -eties, edoms, doms, domes and -ologies, lilies and -allies.

As defined as one of two equal or approximately equal parts, a HALF is not a whole without the other, exactly in order of domains without subs. One of the parts making up something, hopefully something holy.

How ought we stay true to sure of a monument, a moment and status made not of stone, but of verse. on hearts instead of on stone & lime.

No, not on stones… if i may say so myself, a Daniel come to judgment! yea, a Daniel! O wise young judge, how I do honour thee! do not be shy, give me a pounding, for a pound i own now.

Liquid Moiety

To be remembered as long as words are made of breath and breathe of life, till then. Adieu & till the candles melt and the flame becomes dust. Upon a crescent, mistook for a ring, the curtains falls and the music ushers you onward, for since the light still echos, as fires … once hid crackled chuckles. Next of for much to little, without oxy, the muse of fire rightly rings another’s tell.

Ascend now to the heavens of inventions and ideations with me. Would you find more humour in the missing of the skies of rolling clouds, for shame we call out in the night, and yet it maybe duty which beholds and beseeches us unto. for shame, i do know your name, and this heart full of love leaks and needs mercy.

Superfluous Moiety

Maybe tomorrow… we can examine superfluous moiety, hahaha, just half joking. See you on the bridge!

The superfluous bridge, in detail, su·per·flu·ous aka so͞oˈpər-fləəs … an adjective, Unnecessary, esp. through being more than enough, synonymous with redundant, unnecessary, needless and odd surpluses.

But enough for now. Thanks for reading!

PS., this was not inspired by Niels Henrik David Bohr, if you thought that, please guess again!