DC and Marvel Confusion

So confused with Marvel and DC.

So many more questions, like who’s Billy Batson?

who or what is shazam?

What does DC have a Captain Marvel?

Wonder Woman and Superman

Green Lateran and Barry the Flash?

Green Lateran hates Batman?

Wonder Woman … sigh.

The Super 7, lol, sounds like a lottery … and does any no one here remember Tarzan and the Super 7?

What’s the deal with WB And DC?

and Arrow’s Deathstroke without the Arrow?

Deathstroke the Terminator? Since When

Louise Lane? why are they always trying to kidnap her?

Ref: O’Niel of TMNT, anyone?

when is supergirl on again?

I want to see Kara!

Kara is older than Clark ??

MY, how many versions of Superman are there?

This last week has been just nuts, (re: friends? lol)

Anyhow, I found out that Bruce really does have a son, and Darkie, (Darkseid) is not very

Ref: Darkseed, Darksied, darkside, Kandor, Brainanic, Brainiac, Zor-El?

Cupid,Count Vertigo,Constantine Drakon

So many questions!