Is there a Secret Verse in Revelation 7:7-8 ?

Is there a Secret Verse in Revelation 7:7-8 ?

What’s in a Name?

In ancient times, the names given to children had significant meaning. In Genesis we find the meanings of the names listed in Revelation 7:7-8. In birth order they are:

Genesis 29:32 Reuben: “surely the LORD hath looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me.”
Genesis 29:33 Simeon: “because the LORD hath heard… he hath therefore given me this son…”
Genesis 29:34 Levi: “now this time will my husband be joined unto me” (It should be noted that God is called Israel’s husband in Isa 54:5 )
Genesis 29:35 Judah: “now will I praise the LORD” [Dan is omitted in Revelation 7]
Genesis 30:8 Naphtali: “with great wrestlings…I have prevailed.”
Genesis 30:11 Gad: “a troop cometh” [Gad in Hebrew means “good fortune”]
Genesis 30:13 Asher: “happy am I, call me blessed”
Genesis 30:18 Issachar: “God hath given me my hire” [Hebrew sakar – wages, compensation, reward]
Genesis 30:20 Zebulon: “now will my husband dwell with me”
Genesis 30:24 Joseph: “the LORD shall add”
Genesis 35:18 Benjamin: “the Son of the right hand”
Genesis 41:51 Manasseh: “for God hath made me forget all my toil.”

Let’s now rearrange the names in the order in which they are listed in Revelation 7:7-8 with the meaning next to each:

Judah: Praise the Lord,
Reuben: He has looked on my affliction
Gad: good fortune comes
Asher: happy and blessed am I
Napthali: my wrestling
Manasseh: has made me forget my sorrow
Simeon: God hears me
Levi: has joined me
Issachar: rewarded me
Zebulun: exalted me
Joseph: adding to me
Benjamin: the Son of His right hand.

Now let’s string together the meaning of the names and read the message:

Praise the Lord. He has looked on my affliction [and] good fortune comes. Happy and blessed am I. My wrestling has made me forget my sorrow. God hears me, has joined me, rewarded me, exalted me [by] adding to me the Son of His right hand.