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Rafe Esquith The 6 Levels of Moral Development…

Rafe Esquith: The 6 Levels of Moral Development


The Level 6 sounds like Circular Logic. I’m good because I am good, likewise, someone might claim, I’m bad because I am bad! …or you can’t give me a “C”, I’m an “A” student! … There is a better way to teach morality that is not based on self, shame and behaviour + consequences.

re: As a teacher you are to grade your students, it’s less about what do you think… what do I think… because they could say, “you can’t give me a “C”, I’m an “A” student!” … “it’s my project and the grade is “A”! … you are just my teacher, i did not do this project for you, I’m not trying to please you”

Therefore the logic falls flat. so there is a better way to “teach”, develop & cultivate Morality!

Think about it!

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