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Raspberry Pi Computing

Top 10 or more (like 13)  ideas about what to do with Raspberry Pi Computing

Here’s the List:

  1. Raspberry Pi CLOCK
  2. Raspberry Pi ROBOT SLAVE
  3. Raspberry Pi WEATHER STATION
  4. Raspberry Pi ROCKET LAUNCHER
  5. Raspberry Pi PORTABLE IN-CAR PC
  6. Raspberry Pi JUKEBOX
  7. Raspberry Pi RADIO
  8. Raspberry Pi ARCADE GAME
  9. Raspberry Pi BABY MONITOR
  10. Raspberry Pi HOME-BREWED BEER
  11. Raspberry Pi BIRDBOX
  12. Raspberry Pi NEAR-SPACE CRAFT
  13. Raspberry Pi GLOSSARY

Wanna Buy Raspberry Pi? Me too!… But it’s not available in Canada yet… the last time i checked on Nov. 4th, 2012.

Here’s a few videos


When will Raspberry Pi Computing come to Canada? and why is Canada almost always on the second wave of Technology?

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