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Recommendation from Henry Mak

I have meet Daniel for a very long time. He always envision big plans and ideas to make this world a better place. To some people, his visions might be bold, but for him, he makes it happen. I first meet Daniel when he was a web content developer. He has always been very creative with his work/designs. He push beyond his limit and creativity to give his best work for his clients. He pays close attention to every small detail and he makes sure every detail is perfect. Because of that, many people like to reach out to Daniel and he often receives great feedback from his clients.

In addition to his work, Daniel is also a very unique charismatic leader. He transforms every environment with his positive energy and personality everywhere he go. He always inspire and empower his team and students to the best of their abilities; more importantly, he is always happy and he never gives up on anyone. I got the privilege to spend some time with Daniel in his Free code camp class, where he kindly gave up his own time each week and gave us a chance to learn how to code for free in the Markham area. I have nothing but praise for this man.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss further in relating to Daniel. I’d be happy to discuss in greater detail on my experience working with him.

Recommendation from Henry Mak

Hostel Support Worker at Fred Victor Centre

December 4, 2016, Henry worked with Daniel but at different companies

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