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How to Delete Recommendations

Editing or Deleting a Recommendation You’ve Written Once a recommendation has been sent, it cannot be edited. However, the sender can delete the recommendation and create a new recommendation to send to the same person. Important: Only one recommendation can be sent to each connection. If the recipient hides a recommendation, the sender cannot send a […]

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My LinkedIN Connections Projection for 2017-2018

My LinkedIN Connections Projection for 2017-2018 The Following is a simplified Projection for the next 395 Days: My 2017-2018 LinkedIN Connections Projections If I was to continue adding 105 new connections every 10 days, including weekends! The following will be untouched, check out the two (2) following links for more details, (1) http://deardanielim.info/linkedin-stats/ and (2) […]