Reaching the 5000 Facebook Friends Milestone

Guess what?

I have great news! …

I just reached the 5,000 Facebook Friends Milestone!

It’s pretty exhausting, and this is just the beginning. Imagine suddenly having over 4,000 new friends who all want to chat with you and get to know you, because they are new friends!

Welcome to my new reality.

Naturally, I am very delighted to be friends with you (ALL)!

& I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

It’s Monday evening here and by the time I complete this blog post and publish it, it should be closer to midnight and the dawn of a new day … a Tuesday!

Reaching the 5000 Facebook Friends Milestone?

First, let’s rewind a bit.

On the 6th of October, 2019, I only had 706 FB friends …

… Fast forward to now!

Today is the 21st of October, 2019 & I now have 5,000 FB friends & 7,127 fans on my FB Fan Page:

If you were wondering, what the big deal is … let me tell you.

On Facebook, there is a cap on how many friends you can actually have.

On LinkedIn there MAX connections you may have in 30,ooo.

On Facebook, there MAX Number of friends you may have is currently Only 5,000.

And the Number of friends on my Facebook account is now 5,000.

In less than 2 weeks, I amassed over 4,294 NEW Friends on Facebook!

I still cannot believe it.

This has beaten all my projections.

I will look at the data and am considering even sharing it later this week, if time allows.

Now what? What going to happen next?

A. Well my Facebook Profile + Wall is going to be changing a lot.

… It’s going to be a lot more active. So … if it is too much for you. Please message me before you unfriend me. Thanks!

I shall be posting a lot more often and looking forward to your engagement, interaction, comments, and feedback.

At this point, I don’t know what else I ought to do. This is my first time reaching 5,000 friends on a personal Facebook account!

What I do plan to do is to at some point talk to everyone and attempt to make more space on my friends list on Facebook, since some of you are really my fan and not exactly a friend.

Therefore, I will be reaching out to those of you who would enjoy being a fan more than a friend and share my FaceBook page:

Since I’m not as active on my Facebook profile, and I will never be as active as I am on my Facebook page(s) & Group(s).

That said, every now and then, I will have opportunities to add new friends, as older friends transition towards becoming part of my Community of Fans on FB.

In light of that, I will continue to accept friend requests and in due time, if accepted, I will still be able to add more new friends and continue to meet awesome people.

Join my Community of fans on Facebook & other Social Media sites.

B. Follow me on other Social Networks too.

Instagram: Would you like to follow me on Instagram? I will follow you back  if you DM me … Here’s my URL:

LinkedIn: Let’s connect on LinkedIn:

Twitter: … Twitter is where I think out loud.

Join my private Community on Facebook. I would love to invite you to my Facebook group:

C. There are a couple of things, I wish to clarify at this point.

  1. I will be, at some point chatting with each and every one of my 5,000 friends.
  2. There are certain things, I like to keep that private, for example, I will not discuss my family, it’s their life to live and I don’t talk about them. They exist, of course. Enough said.
  3. I do not give legal, medical or financial advice!
  4. I love meeting new people and learning from them.
  5. No, I don’t share my Phone Number or WA (WhatsApp) with my online FB Friends.
  6. If I don’t reply, that means I am busy.
  7. Please DO NOT send me any emails, unless I ask you to personally.
  8. Please do not ask me how I did it, all I can and will say, is that it’s completely legal, organic and … it was not easy. But worth it! Of course… .
  9. I am an Entrepreneur & I do my best to help others become entrepreneurs too!
  10. Please like and comment on anything I post which catches your attention and share your thoughts and feelings too!
  11. This blog post will act as my living document and I shall add and/or edit as time goes on and on.
  12. I do not accept calls on Facebook Messenger. Please do not call me, I will not answer. … Instead, please leave me a note or a message and I will reply as soon as I can.

If for any reason, you wish to chat with me, please schedule a Call / Chat with me, @deardanielim via this link:

This blog post will act as my living document and I shall add and/or edit as time goes on and on.

I am very happy to have finally reached the 5000 Facebook Friends Milestone!

Thank you each and everyone of you who has become a friend along the way.

To schedule a chat with Mr. Daniel, please visit this link and follow the steps.

No Dream is too Big

Keep looking up and forward … Especially when fear keeps us focusing on the past!

No dream is too big, no strength too small.

Let’s go!


Questions from an Interview Today

Q1.) “I noticed that you’ve worked at Profound Ideation Inc. and Free Code Camp. How did your career path take you to this job with this company?”

I believe in self-learning, self-teaching and auto-learning. Most things in life can be learnt by reading, watching, hearing, writing / doing and experience which comes with multiple failures and not giving up. With the internet and modern technology, anyone can be a self taught learner, and as time goes on, this is going to be the norm / standard in the future of education.

I have been thinking deeply with regards to the “specialist vs. generalist” argument and come to believe that anyone in 2018 can become a polymath instead of a mere specialist or generalist.

For the longest time, the debate has been between being “A Jack of All Trades or a Master of One.”

To answer the question, I started Profound Ideation Inc. many years ago, before I started my current role at freeCodeCamp where I volunteer my time, energy and resources to help the next generation of Web Developers.

I started Profound Ideation Inc. without any formal education in engineering or guidance of teachers and / or professors. Instead, based on self determined learning, practice and self directed learning, plus independent work, I was able to learn new skills and draw upon knowledge from multiple sources and innovate and build a successful business.

Q2.) “What are the major components of your job on a daily basis? What areas of the business are you responsible for?”

As a Strategic Marketing Consultant, Rainmaker & Digital Technology Architect, I am responsible for the whole business. If anything goes wrong or not according to plan, I am to blame. I take full responsibility of customer satisfaction, client facing, relationship, networking, business development and growth of my companies.

Q3.) “How do you see this job changing in the next 10 years?”

Being a Strategic Marketing Consultant, Rainmaker & Digital Technology Architect, I am at the crossroads, as I see AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and VR (virtual Reality) + AR (Augmented Reality) as well as IOT (Internet of Things) growing in influence and demand. My new job will be to help aspiring entrepreneurs to ideate, launch and develop their businesses in the years ahead, as technology will continue to outpace the ability for humans to continue to complete with machines and robots, AI and software in most areas of the work and live across the world.

Therefore I have began to work on a new International Synergistic Business Model for people who are, will or were displaced by the Emerging Cognitive AI & Automation Revolution. … In other words people who are or will be(come) unemployed / unemployable, and either going to or have already lost their job(s) because of automation, machine learning and AI & Cognitive Systems.

I have been working on a free online course, where I seek to share some knowledge, thoughts / ideas, comments on topics, my experiences and my point of view as well as what I am doing to continually learn.

More details can be found here:

Q4.) “What’s one thing you wish somebody would’ve told you before going into this field?”

That it never sleeps, never ends and that I should never give up until it’s GG.

Q5.) “What’s most important to prepare for a role like yours?”

Passion for Innovation!


Day 4 – New Year Quicksand

Day 4 – New Year Quicksand

Need to push the needle on the Crypto projects, I am working on. Details inside.

Some rants on the new year, putting the pieces together.

Don’t forget to follow me on Social Media!

I shall continue to update the Daily Footprints Project, but not always daily. This is a personal project and I will try my best to keep it as current as possible.

[Day #3] Daily Footprints & Other Projects

[Day #3] Daily Footprints & Other Projects

Today’s Podcast:

Introducing the Daily Footprints Project

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Great Doctrines of the Bible

Currently Reading

Great Doctrines of the Bible (Three Volumes in One): God the Father, God the Son; God the Holy Spirit; The Church and the Last Things Paperback – October 31, 2012 by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Author)
Great Doctrines of the Bible (Three Volumes in One): God the Father, God the Son; God the Holy Spirit; The Church and the Last Things Paperback – October 31, 2012 by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Author)
DearDanieLim Currently Reading
DearDanieLim Currently Reading
Great Doctrines of the Bible (Three Volumes in One): God the Father, God the Son; God the Holy Spirit; The Church and the Last Things Paperback – October 31, 2012 by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Author)
Great Doctrines of the Bible (Three Volumes in One): God the Father, God the Son; God the Holy Spirit; The Church and the Last Things Paperback – October 31, 2012 by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Author)

China Father Hires Virtual ‘Hitman’

Best thing I read today: China father hires virtual ‘hitman’ to take out his unemployed, video-gaming son

Dear Daniel-Father Hires Hitman
Dear Daniel-Father’s Hitman

[Image] Dear Daniel: Father Hires a Virtual Hitman to Kill his Son’s Avatar

About: chinese father hires virtual hitman

LinkedIn – My Next 400 Days

My LinkedIN Connections Projection for the Next 400 Day Thru 2017-2018

Published on August 13, 2017

My LinkedIN Connections Projection for the Next 400 Day Thru 2017-2018

By. Daniel Lim, Marketing Strategy Consultant & Digital Technology Architect

It’s the weekend and it’s actually relaxing and encouraging to explore the data and analytics, specifically regarding my LinkedIN Connections stats and Projection for 2017 – 2018.

While numbers are not everything, and I don’t want to purely focus on the details, others have made a great deal about social media engagement. And it’s about getting a big following of the right people. Remember: Quality vs Quantity.
The following are estimates by way of a simplified Projection for the next 400 Days, let’s look back and see how true these numbers are in, say … 400 days or so:

My 2017-2018 LinkedIN Connections Projections

If I were to continue adding 105 new connections every 5 days, including weekends!

Date Days Connections New Every 5 Days
07/08/2017 1 5,000.00  
12/08/2017 5 5,105.00 105
17/08/2017 10 5,210.00 105
22/08/2017 15 5,315.00 105
27/08/2017 20 5,420.00 105
01/09/2017 25 5,525.00 105
06/09/2017 30 5,630.00 105
11/09/2017 35 5,735.00 105
16/09/2017 40 5,840.00 105
21/09/2017 45 5,945.00 105
26/09/2017 50 6,050.00 105
01/10/2017 55 6,155.00 105
06/10/2017 60 6,260.00 105
11/10/2017 65 6,365.00 105
16/10/2017 70 6,470.00 105
21/10/2017 75 6,575.00 105
26/10/2017 80 6,680.00 105
31/10/2017 85 6,785.00 105
05/11/2017 90 6,890.00 105
10/11/2017 95 6,995.00 105
15/11/2017 100 7,100.00 105
20/11/2017 105 7,205.00 105
25/11/2017 110 7,310.00 105
30/11/2017 115 7,415.00 105
05/12/2017 120 7,520.00 105
10/12/2017 125 7,625.00 105
15/12/2017 130 7,730.00 105
20/12/2017 135 7,835.00 105
25/12/2017 140 7,940.00 105
30/12/2017 145 8,045.00 105
04/01/2018 150 8,150.00 105
09/01/2018 155 8,255.00 105
14/01/2018 160 8,360.00 105
19/01/2018 165 8,465.00 105
24/01/2018 170 8,570.00 105
29/01/2018 175 8,675.00 105
03/02/2018 180 8,780.00 105
08/02/2018 185 8,885.00 105
13/02/2018 190 8,990.00 105
18/02/2018 195 9,095.00 105
23/02/2018 200 9,200.00 105
28/02/2018 205 9,305.00 105
05/03/2018 210 9,410.00 105
10/03/2018 215 9,515.00 105
15/03/2018 220 9,620.00 105
20/03/2018 225 9,725.00 105
25/03/2018 230 9,830.00 105
30/03/2018 235 9,935.00 105
04/04/2018 240 10,040.00 105
09/04/2018 245 10,145.00 105
14/04/2018 250 10,250.00 105
19/04/2018 255 10,355.00 105
24/04/2018 260 10,460.00 105
29/04/2018 265 10,565.00 105
04/05/2018 270 10,670.00 105
09/05/2018 275 10,775.00 105
14/05/2018 280 10,880.00 105
19/05/2018 285 10,985.00 105
24/05/2018 290 11,090.00 105
29/05/2018 295 11,195.00 105
03/06/2018 300 11,300.00 105
08/06/2018 305 11,405.00 105
13/06/2018 310 11,510.00 105
18/06/2018 315 11,615.00 105
23/06/2018 320 11,720.00 105
28/06/2018 325 11,825.00 105
03/07/2018 330 11,930.00 105
08/07/2018 335 12,035.00 105
13/07/2018 340 12,140.00 105
18/07/2018 345 12,245.00 105
23/07/2018 350 12,350.00 105
28/07/2018 355 12,455.00 105
02/08/2018 360 12,560.00 105
07/08/2018 365 12,665.00 105
12/08/2018 370 12,770.00 105
17/08/2018 375 12,875.00 105
22/08/2018 380 12,980.00 105
27/08/2018 385 13,085.00 105
01/09/2018 390 13,190.00 105
06/09/2018 395 13,295.00 105
11/09/2018 400 13400 105

** From Day 1 (Aug 7th, 2017) to Day 400, … but not including Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018.

In 400 days, I should have at least 13,295 1st degree connections on Linkedin, … but God knows if we will reach that before or after Tuesday, Sept., 11th, 2018!

Note: Today is Aug. 13th, 2017 and I am already at 5,125 Connections!

If you would like to learn more about me and my Professional & Work Experience, please visit my Linkedin Profile:

Talk Soon,

Daniel Lim
ps. Don’t forget to connect with me on Linkedin:


Why 400? … Because it’s the number of days between Day 1 (Aug 7th, 2017) to Day 400 (Sept. 11th, 2018)

Why 105? … Because it’s the number of NEW Connections I’ve added between Day 1 (Aug 7th, 2017) to Day 5 (Aug 12th, 2017)


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