Questions from an Interview Today

Q1.) “I noticed that you’ve worked at Profound Ideation Inc. and Free Code Camp. How did your career path take you to this job with this company?”

I believe in self-learning, self-teaching and auto-learning. Most things in life can be learnt by reading, watching, hearing, writing / doing and experience which comes with multiple failures and not giving up. With the internet and modern technology, anyone can be a self taught learner, and as time goes on, this is going to be the norm / standard in the future of education.

I have been thinking deeply with regards to the “specialist vs. generalist” argument and come to believe that anyone in 2018 can become a polymath instead of a mere specialist or generalist.

For the longest time, the debate has been between being “A Jack of All Trades or a Master of One.”

To answer the question, I started Profound Ideation Inc. many years ago, before I started my current role at freeCodeCamp where I volunteer my time, energy and resources to help the next generation of Web Developers.

I started Profound Ideation Inc. without any formal education in engineering or guidance of teachers and / or professors. Instead, based on self determined learning, practice and self directed learning, plus independent work, I was able to learn new skills and draw upon knowledge from multiple sources and innovate and build a successful business.

Q2.) “What are the major components of your job on a daily basis? What areas of the business are you responsible for?”

As a Strategic Marketing Consultant, Rainmaker & Digital Technology Architect, I am responsible for the whole business. If anything goes wrong or not according to plan, I am to blame. I take full responsibility of customer satisfaction, client facing, relationship, networking, business development and growth of my companies.

Q3.) “How do you see this job changing in the next 10 years?”

Being a Strategic Marketing Consultant, Rainmaker & Digital Technology Architect, I am at the crossroads, as I see AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and VR (virtual Reality) + AR (Augmented Reality) as well as IOT (Internet of Things) growing in influence and demand. My new job will be to help aspiring entrepreneurs to ideate, launch and develop their businesses in the years ahead, as technology will continue to outpace the ability for humans to continue to complete with machines and robots, AI and software in most areas of the work and live across the world.

Therefore I have began to work on a new International Synergistic Business Model for people who are, will or were displaced by the Emerging Cognitive AI & Automation Revolution. … In other words people who are or will be(come) unemployed / unemployable, and either going to or have already lost their job(s) because of automation, machine learning and AI & Cognitive Systems.

I have been working on a free online course, where I seek to share some knowledge, thoughts / ideas, comments on topics, my experiences and my point of view as well as what I am doing to continually learn.

More details can be found here:

Q4.) “What’s one thing you wish somebody would’ve told you before going into this field?”

That it never sleeps, never ends and that I should never give up until it’s GG.

Q5.) “What’s most important to prepare for a role like yours?”

Passion for Innovation!