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Relationship & Faith

Relationships & Faith

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Here are two of the most important things to me  —  two well worn umbrellas. 

Imagine you have lost everything you ever had. What would you do next?

I ask myself this selfsame question all the time – “If, tomorrow, I lost everything else I had, what would I do?”

Compared to my two gigantic well-worn umbrellas, everything else is dust! 

When you lose everything you have, what really matters comes into focus very quickly. These two umbrellas are my most priced possessions, and can never be lost! Why? I have a secret … . 

Introducing my 2 Umbrellas

Before us, are two well worn umbrellas, which are most important to me.

These two umbrellas which I shall forever hold dearest can never ever be taken away, because they are not physical. They are both symbolic & ethereal. They have names, and maybe you have already guessed their names  — Relationships & Faith.

Allow me to illustrate this with a mental picture of two umbrellas, imagine one in each hand. Beginning with the first umbrella, which represents all my relationships & the second umbrella, symbolic of all my faith.

On one hand, I have Relationships. Under this umbrella, spans all my past, present, and future relationships. Inclusive of family, friends, and folks known and knew, plus all whom I may come to know one day. To me, the shadow of Relationships reaches beyond any existing, active relationship, embodying any memories of future relationships as well, regardless of the nature, type & kind.

Relationships can, and does encompass each and every relationship I have with every person I’ve known, know and potentially knew by way of mutual friends, acquaintances, romance, referrals, association and disassociation by way of those I no longer am in contact with. For the sake of simplicity, we shall limit the scope to relationships with people.

In my other hand, I present to you the Umbrella of Faith. Under this second umbrella, you shall find all matters pertaining to my beliefs & my creed. Namely, my relationship with God, The Father, His Son, The Word of God, the Holy Bible, and God, His Holy Spirit. Everything I have read and learnt, done, thought, prayed, gave and sacrificed, devoted and committed, all that has been blessings, blessed with or endured —  Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, Grace and Shalom … . Please bear with me, I shall unpack all this in due time. 

Do you see these two umbrellas in my hand? It is not easy to hold an umbrella outside during a storm, much less two open umbrellas during a hurricane. It’s very dangerous and I must not let either of them go. Not only must I not, I cannot and I will not. For, if nothing else, I have these two umbrellas in my hands. I cannot hold anything else. Nor do I want to. Life is indeed full of surprises! A brilliant spectacle on one day, and the next, you might be struggling to seek refuge, as waves tower over you, tempting you, mockingly teasing you, slandering you spitefully without relief in sight.

Without Relationships & Faith … my life would be meaningless, empty, and impossible to endure. Just take a look around you at those without both Relationships & Faith

I would love to tell you more about my umbrellas and in the following days, I shall like to share with you more about my umbrellas. Untold tales, full of wonder, secrets, romance, vivid memories, thoughts and reflections, sleepless nights of introspection, trials and trouble, laughter and joy, sorrow and pain, suffering and mercy, rebellion and grace, death and life, truth and regret.

Now that you have met my umbrellas, let me tell you about my Quest.

Dances of Love, Faith & Relationships

Are you hiding behind a mask? Afraid of just being yourself? Do you even know who you are, and why you are what you are? 

Are you merely conforming to society or the world? Are you aware that’s happening or have you never been thru the looking glass before?

How do you see the world? How well do you understand human behaviour and human nature. Did you even know what it means to be alive?

As you can tell, there is a lot on my mind. On my shoulders, my chest, on my lap and under my feet. 

I could spend all day thinking about the Dance between people in love and their faith. Have you ever wondered what role faith plays in relationships?  

What makes someone like you happy, inspired and encouraged

Does love and faith motivate you, making you better? Do relationships propel you forward and onward? Giving you a sense of purpose or a reason to go on living? 

Are we dealing with chemicals or something more? Maybe if we understood the laws of human nature, we could better appreciate the influences on human behaviour that human nature has upon the spirit, soul, and body.

Would you like to discover that are the laws of human nature and behaviour?

The Quest

Welcome to my Quest to explore the relationship between Faith and Love!

What is Faith? … And what is Love? — Each of those two questions could have launched a million ships!

Now, I have a lot of questions, as will become more evident, if not already obvious yet. Be ready to be uncomfortable. I want to go deep, and these questions I have began to ask and seek answers for will rock a few boats along the way. Of course, there are many more questions yet to be asked and answered.

What are the laws that humans nature … and why do we keep breaking these laws. Laws and majority of the world might not even know exist. 

Discovering Relationships & Faith is going to be fun, painfully fun and possibly embarrassing. Relationships, Love & Faith are rather emotional topics, but we should not shy away from exploration.

For example, I love to ponder questions like “what does God say about Relationships and Faith?”

In the coming days, weeks and months, I will be exploring my own life story, as well as the meta-narratives we are fed by the media, friends and others.

Seeking to understand my self, my family, my mother, my father, and his mother, my grandmother. I wonder if I have bit off more than I can chew.

Hello, I’m Dear Daniel, also known as @DearDanielim, on the rest of the Internet. 

I’m on a quest to become a better human being & I would love to invite you to become a much better human being as well.

Join me on my adventure and together, we can both become better human beings. I love to learn and share life hacks, pro tips, good habits and principles.

What are Principles?

A principles are “natural laws” like gravity, human nature, thermodynamics, planetary motion and cosmic expansion, general relativity and uncertianity.

1. Scientific Laws:

For example: Physics is a science that deals with the structure of matter and their various respective interactions in the observable universe.

Here’s an example of the “Uncertianity Principle” in the form of a question: “Is an electron… a particle, a wave or both?” If you are interested, learn more about wave-particle duality!

2. Laws of Human Nature:

I want to focus on the natural laws of human nature, not the scientific laws, since you can learn all about (scientific laws) on your own!

What are the laws of human nature?

That is what I am going to be exploring!

I believe that those laws inform and influence human behaviour and in turn they are what motivates people or drives them to either action or inaction!

By discovering what folks are passionate about and why they are passionate about those things, especially, if they are not fully aware or are even unconscious about the laws of human nature and how it impacts them directly or indirectly.

Perhaps, we would be able to pull back the curtain, and the veil, to show us what’s behind the kimono, so to speak.

If you would love to understand more about Relationships and Faith, join us!

This will be my main focus, because I believe in & know that we, as humans, are emotional beings, but we can be very social as well. We are governed by certain laws, protocols, habits, rules and regulations.

But we are also physical, real and intellectual. We are able to be smart, because we have a brain, and we have opposable thumbs too.

We can do all kinds of interesting and cool stuff, if we focus and work hard!

Last but not least, as humans, we are also spiritual beings, hence I would be extremely interested in taking a closer look at relationships and the faith — how they both interact, interconnect and function.

Do you find this kind of thing really interesting, intriguing, mysterious and worthy of a closer inspection, too?

If so, you are interested! Why not join us?

Revelations of Relationships and Faith

Relationships & Faith is going to produce many additional major side quests.

While the Main Quest is “Relationships and Faith” … along the way you are sure to find many things out about yourself and about other people too.

I think it is going to be one of the biggest revelational takeaways for us.

Since we are humans, who are sometimes emotional, there is a real need to understand, control and correctly respond to our emotions, and if possible even master yourself!

To control yourself is to gain deeper understanding about controlling your emotions & behaviours.

Concerning your emotions, your body, your mind and your spirit, perhaps you have already seen my previous Talk, a couple of days ago, on the topic of “Mental Toughness” where we had a healthy discussion about “Mental Toughness” — what is Mental Toughness, do you have it and why do we need it.

I believe in the need to train and discipline your mind as well as your body.

Learning how to discipline & control your emotions is of great importance and can lead to peace, strength and respect. We will also discover how to go about training yourself socially, especially for those of you who are introverts, just as I am.

Relationship skills training should not be overlooked or overshadowed by the need to train your body, or train your emotions. Training ought to include what’s on the spiritual side of things, as well, which I will get into later on, in the future.

What happens when you are able to master yourself?

You will gain some self control, be able to develop empathy and gain deeper insights into life, into other people, into the world, … .

A lot of people wear masks to hide their true selves, their secret agendas, true intentions, and their true motives.

I think the reality is that you wear a mask, and I wear one too. In fact, everyone wears a mask. Everyone wears a mask, for different reasons. Maybe because of social media, culture, family, politics, etc.?

Masks can protect you, maybe you need your mask, but at the very least, you need to know yourself without the mask. Do you know who you really are?

Whatever your reasons are, I understand that sometimes, we don’t feel comfortable to show others who we really are.

Perhaps you wear a mask for personal, protection, privacy, or for any other number of reasons. But if you could look behind someone’s mask, what do you think you would find? Would you like what you find? What about your own mask?

Would you like what you see, when you take a good, long look at who you really are, behind your own mask? After all, you know yourself best, right?

… Or at least you *think* you know yourself, but how well do you really know yourself? Are you lost? … Have you forgotten who you really are?

Are you the same person the world sees, never ever daring to remove your mask and ultimately even fooling yourself, pretending to be someone you are not, even to yourself?

Some people who role play, allow their fantasy to slowly erode their identity. they end up fooling & losing themselves forever.

… Let’s move on.

Conformity in Relationship & Faith

One of the biggest lessons in life today is how to resist conformity.

In this world, day and age of social media and mass media, how many of us rather live in a virtual world than in reality.

Too often, we watch shows, dramas, movies, or read books, magazines or one of countless news articles and visit websites, on a daily basis, which either tries to sell us something, be it a product, an idea or an alt. perspective.

Stuff that we think we need, in order to be successful, good looking or be attractive?

Do we actually need to dress, look or talk like someone else, for example, an actor or actress? Perhaps a celebrity, or an influencer or someone you look up to? Just because you respect someone does not mean you need to imitate them.

Instead, you need to be yourself! Resists conformity! … Because you are you, you are not them, they are not you!

  • Just be yourself
  • Love yourself.
  • Don’t know how?
  • Learn!

Ask yourself …

  • Are you conforming to society?
  • Are you conforming to the world?
  • Are you yourself?
  • Who are you?
  • Who are you trying to be?

Here’s the truth, … you should NOT be conformed to the world.

Instead you should be transformed by God and the Holy Bible, renew your mind with the truth, and be free. You can be in the world, but not of it.

Do you know what is good and acceptable to God?

Are you aware of what is God’s will for you, your family & friends, and for all the other people in the world, at large?

You should understand how the world works, and when you do, maybe you will be wiser and more actively working towards becoming a better version of yourself!

At the end of the day, you need to be yourself, because you are unique and you are not a robot!

  • You were not made from a cookie cutter template or from a mold.
  • You are not a duplicate.
  • You are not a clone.
  • … You are not alone.

My wish for you is that you would really be able to think critically and clearly. I also hope you will have a clear sense of purpose.

And the good news is that you can do all this without detaching yourself from yourself!

I want you to be yourself and to do so, you do not enter into some kind of Zen state of meditation. You don’t need to empty yourself in order to gain peace and self control, … you can just be yourself!

I believe that only God can create something out of nothing and you cannot get anything by meditating, or by emptying yourself.

My quest is to understand people more, their emotions, their passions, their drives, and their motivations. Their thoughts, their nature, and their truths.

Relationships & Faith in context.

What would you and I gain from this quest?

We would gain insights, greater empathy, wisdom, critical thinking skills, experience joy and develop deeper friendships, plus self control, peace, stronger relationships and a greater sense of purpose!

I really do hope that you would join me/us

My main focus will be on Relationships and the Faith!

Now, if you are asking “how can I join you?

Glad you asked …

It’s very simple!

First, just check out my daily Talks: Questions & Quotes in the Talk section of Spoon. I’ll also post to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, uHive, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites I’m on.

Follow me if you have not already: @deardanielim

Interact with me, respond to me, send me messages, tell me what you think, how you feel, anything you like to share, or say something nice to encourage, support and inspire me.

I’ll try my best to respond back ASAP.

Next, you may also …

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Interact with each other, respond to one another, be nice, be yourself, be real, honest and loving.

Build Relationships, Grow in Faith. Walk in Truth, in the light, together!

As we come to a close, I would like to thank you from my heart, for reading all I have written & typed so far. This is very important to me.

I really appreciate it and I will do my best to continue to pour out my heart on paper & ink, online, on air & on social.

Finally, I have a few more things I would like to say … I don’t have all the answers right, but we can figure it out together

While I don’t really want to do this by myself, I will do it, if I have to, and you can join us when you are ready.

You are always welcome and it would be a delight to have you come along with me/us as we journey together.

We can figure it out as we go! The most important thing about starting anything is to not overthink it and get moving.

I am gonna be starting right now! … Today! … Yes!

Today is the first day of this new beautiful journey together. And … we have only just begun!

Looking ahead, I’m thinking of how I want 2020 to be better than 2021.

One of my greatest desire, is to get back to writing once more. … I, so very much want to start writing again! I need to begin blogging again too, and … start podcasting properly. … And become more active on YouTube & uHive, again. (By the way, if you want to learn more about uHive, you can check out my Cast about uHive and check it out! Because uHive is a really cool up-and-coming social media platform.)

In conclusion, please leave a message in the comments, to tell me your thoughts on this article. Feel free to tell your friends about it and share this post!

Let’s begin!

I’m gonna try to upload and do more (pod)casts now and upload them as often as I can from now till the end of this year, 2020.

Come January 1st, 2021, I plan to upload a new cast each and every day.

Going to try to make this a daily habit … .

This is my pre-new year resolution!

Let’s try to make this a new habit right away.

I shall also attempt to write and publish an article, each day, since I plan to get back to writing.

For my friends from Spoon: Don’t worry about Talks, I will continue to make them!

Since I enjoy being creative and I’m open to new ideas and questions and quotes!

My personal goal for 2021 will be to read, write, publish, make some videos, some podcasts, and of course, more writing!

I’m just interested in growing! Growing by writing more and doing (pod)casts and I might even maybe go LIVE once a day, if possible.

We’ll have to see if that’s do-able.

But let’s take this one step at a time, OK?

I’m really excited now and I am looking forward to going on this adventure with you.

So, if you would like to do this, … if you are interested and if you would like to help out, let me know in the comment below.

I know I’ll need help.

Two are better than one!

Get Ready …

Get Set …

Let’s Gooooooo!

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