Reaching the 5000 Facebook Friends Milestone

Guess what?

I have great news! …

I just reached the 5,000 Facebook Friends Milestone!

It’s pretty exhausting, and this is just the beginning. Imagine suddenly having over 4,000 new friends who all want to chat with you and get to know you, because they are new friends!

Welcome to my new reality.

Naturally, I am very delighted to be friends with you (ALL)!

& I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

It’s Monday evening here and by the time I complete this blog post and publish it, it should be closer to midnight and the dawn of a new day … a Tuesday!

Reaching the 5000 Facebook Friends Milestone?

First, let’s rewind a bit.

On the 6th of October, 2019, I only had 706 FB friends …

… Fast forward to now!

Today is the 21st of October, 2019 & I now have 5,000 FB friends & 7,127 fans on my FB Fan Page:

If you were wondering, what the big deal is … let me tell you.

On Facebook, there is a cap on how many friends you can actually have.

On LinkedIn there MAX connections you may have in 30,ooo.

On Facebook, there MAX Number of friends you may have is currently Only 5,000.

And the Number of friends on my Facebook account is now 5,000.

In less than 2 weeks, I amassed over 4,294 NEW Friends on Facebook!

I still cannot believe it.

This has beaten all my projections.

I will look at the data and am considering even sharing it later this week, if time allows.

Now what? What going to happen next?

A. Well my Facebook Profile + Wall is going to be changing a lot.

… It’s going to be a lot more active. So … if it is too much for you. Please message me before you unfriend me. Thanks!

I shall be posting a lot more often and looking forward to your engagement, interaction, comments, and feedback.

At this point, I don’t know what else I ought to do. This is my first time reaching 5,000 friends on a personal Facebook account!

What I do plan to do is to at some point talk to everyone and attempt to make more space on my friends list on Facebook, since some of you are really my fan and not exactly a friend.

Therefore, I will be reaching out to those of you who would enjoy being a fan more than a friend and share my FaceBook page:

Since I’m not as active on my Facebook profile, and I will never be as active as I am on my Facebook page(s) & Group(s).

That said, every now and then, I will have opportunities to add new friends, as older friends transition towards becoming part of my Community of Fans on FB.

In light of that, I will continue to accept friend requests and in due time, if accepted, I will still be able to add more new friends and continue to meet awesome people.

Join my Community of fans on Facebook & other Social Media sites.

B. Follow me on other Social Networks too.

Instagram: Would you like to follow me on Instagram? I will follow you back  if you DM me … Here’s my URL:

LinkedIn: Let’s connect on LinkedIn:

Twitter: … Twitter is where I think out loud.

Join my private Community on Facebook. I would love to invite you to my Facebook group:

C. There are a couple of things, I wish to clarify at this point.

  1. I will be, at some point chatting with each and every one of my 5,000 friends.
  2. There are certain things, I like to keep that private, for example, I will not discuss my family, it’s their life to live and I don’t talk about them. They exist, of course. Enough said.
  3. I do not give legal, medical or financial advice!
  4. I love meeting new people and learning from them.
  5. No, I don’t share my Phone Number or WA (WhatsApp) with my online FB Friends.
  6. If I don’t reply, that means I am busy.
  7. Please DO NOT send me any emails, unless I ask you to personally.
  8. Please do not ask me how I did it, all I can and will say, is that it’s completely legal, organic and … it was not easy. But worth it! Of course… .
  9. I am an Entrepreneur & I do my best to help others become entrepreneurs too!
  10. Please like and comment on anything I post which catches your attention and share your thoughts and feelings too!
  11. This blog post will act as my living document and I shall add and/or edit as time goes on and on.
  12. I do not accept calls on Facebook Messenger. Please do not call me, I will not answer. … Instead, please leave me a note or a message and I will reply as soon as I can.

If for any reason, you wish to chat with me, please schedule a Call / Chat with me, @deardanielim via this link:

This blog post will act as my living document and I shall add and/or edit as time goes on and on.

I am very happy to have finally reached the 5000 Facebook Friends Milestone!

Thank you each and everyone of you who has become a friend along the way.

To schedule a chat with Mr. Daniel, please visit this link and follow the steps.

I really love you to the moon and back!

I really love you to the moon and back! #deardanielim #blogposts #blog #posts #blogs #facebook #images #graphics #homesick #moon

I really love you to the moon and back!

What does I love you to the moon and back mean?

“I love you to the moon and back, sometimes shortened to love you to the moon and back, is used to express the vastness of one’s affection for another.”

#deardanielim #blogposts #blog #posts #blogs

Intro to Coding: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Created by Daniel Lim

  • By the numbers
  • Skill level: Beginner Level
  • Students: 8049++
  • Languages: English
  • Captions: Yes
  • Lectures: 19
  • Video: 2.5 hours

Did you know that Learning to Code will boost your problem-solving and logic skills?

That is one of the main reasons why I believe that everyone should Learn to Code!

In this course, I would like to introduce you to web coding & show you how you can get started.

But first, let me tell you more why I believe everyone should Learn to Code …

Without a doubt, Learning How to Code can Change Your Life!

Not only can Coding lead to real software development jobs, it can & will also open up many more other job opportunities for you.

In fact, knowing Coding can make your job application stand out.

In this day and age, you need every advantage you can get in order to secure your dream job.

It’s true, Coding literacy can help you understand many other aspects of tech, life, and society.

We live in the future and its high tech and in this highly technologically advanced society, … Technology isn’t just changing society — it’s changing what it means to be human.

That is a major topic beyond the scope of this course, and maybe we could explore that in future courses.

This course is an introduction to coding with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Here are a few more reasons why you should take this course and learn to code.

1. Knowing how to code could lead to freelance work.

2. As I previously mentioned. … Knowing how to Code can boost problem-solving and logic skills

3. being able to code can allow you to pursue passion projects

You might be surprised to learn that knowing how to Code plus actually coding regularly, could improve your interpersonal skills

Because being a skilled coder can build confidence, you can be creative and turn your dreams into reality.

That’s powerful and if you think about it, … anyone can do it!

However, it’s not easy, but if you don’t give up, you will become a coder, and that’s the first step in becoming a developer and an engineer.

What do you have to lose?

Ask yourself “Can I afford NOT to learn to code?”

Start today!

What you’ll learn

  • How to beginning coding
  • What is the “Hour of Code”
  • Creating your account on FCC
  • Being part of a Coding Community
  • Stay Current and up-to-date about Coding
  • Learn to build Awesome Websites with HTML & CSS
  • How to make websites with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Have an Email
  • Understand English
  • Have an Internet Connection
  • Able to Watch & Learn from Videos
  • No Prior Coding Experience needed!
  • No Prior Coding or Programming Knowledge Required

Who this course is for:

  • Elementary School Students
  • Middle School Students
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Unemployed People
  • People looking for a Career Change
  • Employed Employees
  • Self Employed
  • Freelancers

Recommendation from Kevin Chan

Daniel is a very down to earth person who’s very willing to help you out. He took the initiative to run and manage Free Code Camp in the Markham region and has organized a wonderful community to help teach others how to code. I would highly recommend Daniel and can see him fit in any environment.

Recommendation from Kevin Chan

Software Developer, Web Developer
July 28, 2017, Kevin reported directly to Daniel

Recommendation from Henry Mak

I have meet Daniel for a very long time. He always envision big plans and ideas to make this world a better place. To some people, his visions might be bold, but for him, he makes it happen. I first meet Daniel when he was a web content developer. He has always been very creative with his work/designs. He push beyond his limit and creativity to give his best work for his clients. He pays close attention to every small detail and he makes sure every detail is perfect. Because of that, many people like to reach out to Daniel and he often receives great feedback from his clients.

In addition to his work, Daniel is also a very unique charismatic leader. He transforms every environment with his positive energy and personality everywhere he go. He always inspire and empower his team and students to the best of their abilities; more importantly, he is always happy and he never gives up on anyone. I got the privilege to spend some time with Daniel in his Free code camp class, where he kindly gave up his own time each week and gave us a chance to learn how to code for free in the Markham area. I have nothing but praise for this man.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss further in relating to Daniel. I’d be happy to discuss in greater detail on my experience working with him.

Recommendation from Henry Mak

Hostel Support Worker at Fred Victor Centre

December 4, 2016, Henry worked with Daniel but at different companies

Recommendation from Ryan Zhao

Daniel is always looking for the next big thing, with cryptocurrency and block chain technology, he saw an opportunity and got his foot in the door. He’s paid attention to the news and how this technology will evolve.

Now with the prices of cryptocurrencies and interest in block chain tech booming, Daniel is looking to build on what is to come and has connected people in the GTA who are already knowledgeable in cryptocurrency and block chairs tech.

Recommendation from Ryan Zhao

Freelance Ghost writer, also investing and mining cryptocurrencies and other altcoins. I also fly a drone
July 11, 2017, Daniel worked with Ryan in the same group

Recommendation from Simon Zhang

Recommendation from Simon Zhang

Daniel is a very selfless person. He organizes the meet-ups of FreeCodeCamp for Markham & Richmond Hill, and has even arranged a course teaching web development to beginners.

He is an incredible resource to the community and great person to talk to. He’s very knowledgeable across a wide range of topics in technology, computer science, and software development. He is a great mentor for me and for many junior developers. Without Daniel, we would not have the community that he has built for the Markham and Richmond Hill region.

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