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I came across this book the other day: #Think and #Grow #Digital A digital #executive shows #millennials how to excel in a #corporate environment still dominated by an older generation, while remaining true to their personal #values

Think and Grow Digital: What the Net Generation Needs to Know to Survive and Thrive in Any Organization
Think and Grow Digital: What the Net Generation Needs to Know to Survive and Thrive in Any Organization

Think and Grow Digital teaches #young talents how to align with #company “seniors” without giving up their #ideals. The #author explains how readers can help #companies focus on moon shots: things really worth going for that help both the company and the world. Readers learn how to systematically create their own #job #roles, drive their personal #growth engine, and connect effectively with people allowing them to do meaningful work with great #rewards.

Joris Merks-Benjaminsen worked in several #media and #advertising businesses before he joined #Google in 2010. He serves as European Head of #Insights #Communication, aggregating #research and #data insights into B2B narratives that explain changes in the media #landscape, #marketing, and consumer #behavior.

I found lots of great #ideas regarding #digitalmarketing & being a #digitalinfluencer inside.

Has anyone here read or even heard about this #book?


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Everything the net generation needs to know to survive and thrive in any organization

Your blueprint to success

If you are young and you’re excited about starting your career, but the whole nine-to-five office thing isn’t a world you’re looking forward to being a part of. Then you have two choices: Let the world change you, or change the world.

Think and Grow Digital suggests the latter. As someone raised on the Internet, for whom technology and open information is a given, you are a valuable asset to any company with plans for long-term success—and today’s business leaders are starting to understand this. As a result, they’re accepting that they must adapt to you, not vice versa.

Think and Grow Digital helps you leverage this asset in a way that benefits you and your organization. Learn how you can:

  • Align your ambitions with your company’s goals
  • Help the older generation become future-ready
  • Design and create your own job
  • And always—always—do what you love.

Your digital point of view is what you have that other, older people in the workforce don’t. Think and Grow Digital reveals everything you need to know to deliver value to a company, make a difference, and actually do what you want to do for the rest of your life. The book was selected as one of twelve valuable books supporting innovation to be featured on CES 2016 in Vegas; the biggest global fair on innovation.

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