Thoughts of the day Clearview AI the End of Privacy as we know it.

Thoughts of the day Clearview AI the End of Privacy as we know it.

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Welcome to my first Thoughts of the Day!

In this video, I respond & react to an article regarding privacy, as I read how the author got his file from Clearview AI, and it freaked him out
. He also shares how you too might be able to get yours inside his article!

I’ll be posting more “Thoughts of the Day” at 9 PM each & every night in July 2020, as part of my (not so secret) July 2020 YouTube Challenge!

Excerpt: “The Times, not usually an institution prone to hyperbole, wrote that Clearview could “end privacy as we know it.” According to the exposé, the company scrapes public images from the internet. These can come from news articles, public Facebook posts, social media profiles, or multiple other sources. Clearview [AI] has apparently slurped up more than 3 billion of these images.”

Most likely, Clearview has also gathered your data without your knowledge, and without any justification or probable cause!

Fact: Web scraping and facial recognition are essentially commodity products today.

What are you thoughts on my first “Thoughts of the Day” video and Privacy? … Would you like to see more Thoughts of the Day on this topic?

Feel free to suggest and recommend other Subjects and Topics you might be interested in.

Thank you!


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